Wednesday, July 7, 2010

GI Update

Been a while since I posted here so thought I'd share how I'm doing with the new formula, Vital HN. There's not a lot to say really except that I'm currently managing 4 bags or 1200 litres/day. I do two overnight at 65 ml/hr which gives me about 8 hours. The other two I do throughout the day at around 85 ml/hr. I've tried 90 ml a couple of times but started to feel some discomfort so backed off. My goal for now is to add one more bag throughout the day but unless I can get the speed up that will be difficult if I want to go out at all. I've also been drinking a bottle of Ensure Plus each day which brings me up to 1555 calories a day. Will keep working on it. My weight, incidentally, seems to be staying the same at just around 100 pounds.

The London Group of the SSO lost a long standing member, Jill Martin, a couple of weeks ago. From my understanding it was GI issues which ended her long fight with scleroderma. We'll miss her.